Women are MAGICAL.  

Women are STRONG.

Women are LEADERS.  

Women are LOVE.


Since 2005, Mamayashi has been empowering culturally aware women all over the worldwith authentic garments that allow them to express their sovereignty and style. We are honoured by the growth of a loyal network of strong supporters over the years, and want to use this power to tackle another unifier of women, domestic violence.

Women routinely face situations that aim to rob them of their power. One such life-threatening thief is domestic abuse. Mamayashi is looking to change this. Starting with our 'Heart of a Lioness' collection, we are investing 10% of our profit toward establishing a holistic domestic violence shelter in Jamaica. We will offer abused women a safety net and a chance to restart their lives with healing, council and protection.                                            

Your purchase of our quality hand-made garments contributes directly to the actualisation of this vision. There is no limit to our collective power! With a unified effort and purposeful economic choices, we can reach out to women in crisis and save lives.

Give Thanks.